Thursday, May 16, 2013

Who Cares!

Today, is one of the days that has been incision on the outcome of life. Vast cure of human berms that enforces the couture of existing forms. Existing forms that has enforce the human berms a vast cure. A vast cure that encountered a commingling of beginnings.

F*** Society

Saturday, May 11, 2013

Lost Florals

Lost Floral. She becomes lost in the world, as the world becomes lost in the smoke. As the smoke, falls over, she try to over come contraband.

Floral Blouse Thrift
Orange High Waisted Jean Thrift
Shoes by Dolce Vita 
Backpack Thrit

Thursday, May 9, 2013

Forever Young, Forever A Free Spirit

Forever Young, Forever A Free Spirit. She embrace struggle, embraces characters, embraces culture, but she still can't embrace the overrode of life. She carries of the pain of others, in gulp in the vast liberty of inhabitants. But while all this is happening, she stills finds the way to embrace yours truly. 
Eternal Yours.

Glasses Thrift
Sweater Thrift
Floral Buttoned Up Thrift
Socks Handmade by Yours Truly
Elephant & Write With Me Necklace by  Sammy Dress
Turquoise Feather Beaded Necklace by Forever 21
Texas Horn Cream Dangling Earrings by Charmiing Charlie
Lavendar Purple Chunky Platform Shoe by Lauren Conrad/ Khols
Duffle Bag Suit Case by Place of Work /Justice  

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Steal the Darkness, So I Can Enjoy the Sunshine

Steal the darkness, so I can enjoy the sunshine. As she captures the sunshine, hitting the origin of her cheek bone. She envision life in another aspect of a universe. Her eyes become astoundingly purple and astoundingly  large. Nothing escaped her grasped of vision. Nothing escape her grasped sight. She becomes withhold with the universe, opening her thoughts to the depths of the sunshine. Grabbing at the golden lights like its eternal.

Shirt by Unknown
Backpack thrifted
Skirt by Forever 21
Elephant Necklace by Sammy Dress
Stay With Me Necklace by Sammy Dress
Black Ring by Forever 21
Arrow & Skull Ring by Charming Charlie